Welcome to the Augmented Learning Platform!

Have you, as teacher, ever thought of designing and implementing pedagogical Augmented Reality (AR) projects with your learners? In fact, it sounds quite challenging. That’s why we created this Augmented Learning (AL) Platform.

AL Platform - Benefits for TEACHERS
  • Planning and structuring an AR project according to Design Thinking approach;
  • Organizing learners’ teams;
  • Promotion of learners’ collaboration and teamwork;
AL Platform - Benefits for LEARNERS
  • Building & managing their own AR project teams,
  • Organizing research materials for their AR projects,
  • Collaborative creation and edition of AR projects

A modern and cheerful, rich of green space with leisure places where citizens can enjoy their free time and express their feelings and passions.

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An outlook of the near future European city resulting from mixing and matching the historical foundations of three European cities to a new city.

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A vibrant and multicultural city, preserving and reconnecting with culture & nature and bridging the gap between ages and social classes.

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